Best Sporty Bikes under 1 lakh Rupees..power, fuel efficiency, price

Top 5 fast bikes under 1 lakh Rupees

The sports bike segment in India is booming high with many bikes above the 200 CC segment showing good sales figure in recent years, but many of these bikes costs as much as 1.5 lakh rupees which is quite an expensive thing for most of the average Indian buyers who want a taste of power within their budget. However there are certain models  in  the Indian market which deliver extreme performance despite their prices being under 1 lakh rupees.

We take a look at these quick two wheelers which will cost you well below a lakh in the indian auto market.


Yamaha has enjoyed great success in India after the launch of its FZ16 during the year 2008. Since then yamaha has introduced many bike variants under the 150 cc segment in the Indian market.
In the year 2014 we saw the launch of the FZ-S FI which was a combination of a predefined fuel injector 149 DC motor mated to a well designed two wheeler. The bike weights only 132 kgs which gives it a good power to weight ratio with fuel efficency figures of around 40-45 km to a litre.

POWER   : 13.2 HP 8000 RPM
TORQUE : 12.8 NM at 6000 RPM
PRICES    : 92,560/-  (EX Showroom Delhi)


The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is all about delivering performance at a decent Price. The RTR is nodoubt the most powerful motorcycle under the 1 lakh rupees segment. The bike is available in several variants and is powered by a 200 cc single cylinder motor which gives a fuel economy of around 40 kmpl.

POWER   : 20.7 HP @ 9000 Rpm
TORQUE  : 18.10 Nm @ 7000 Rpm
PRICE       : 92,810/- (Ex Showroom Delhi)


Suzuki's Gixxer is another more powerful bike under the 1 lakh rupees segment. It is a fun to ride Motorbike that has both good handling and power packaged to brilliance. The bike weights 135 kgs giving fuel figures of around 40-45 kmpl.

POWER   : 14.8 HP at 8000 RPM
TORQUE  : 14. 14 Nm at 6000 RPM
PRICE       : 82,490/- (Ex showroom Delhi)


If you are looking for a cruise bike under 1 lakh rupees than the only good option here is the Bajaj Avenger 220 street. It's been more than a decade but still the Avenger is showing good sales figure for Bajaj motors.

POWER   : 19 hp @ 8500 Rpm
TORQUE  : 17.5 Nm @ 7500 Rpm
PRICE      : 89,700/- (Ex Showroom Delhi)


Honda hornet is muscular bike with good things to offer at a reasonable price. The bike is powered by a single cylinder 162 cc engine that delivers a punchy performance which is bound to bring a big smile on your face. The 160r gives a fuel economy of about 55kmpl.

POWER   : 15.6 hp @ 8500 Rpm
TORQUE  : 14.76 Nm @ 6500 rpm
PRICE      : 89,660/- (Ex Showroom Delhi)

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